Hello world!

Dear world,

        Your probably looking at this blog in one of two ways. Firstly,  YEAYY!!! another person that understands my love for all things weird. Or Secondly, NOTT another blog about vampires!!!!And bingo, you are both right this is just another blog about vampires, but rather the sarcastic obsession we have with this phenomenon.

      How odd, is it that we like vampires and the supernatural so much?….Or, rather why do we think it’s so odd, perhaps it is just all part of the apocalyptic ” themed writing” we come across every day? For instance, if you were to walk down the teen section in books a million or even the young adult. What would you see but, magic, mayhem, vampires, magic, vampires, vampires, vampires, maybe star wars, some SarahDessen, vampires, and some more….VAMPRIRES! Shocker there. Honestly, I do enjoy all books, but mostly the vampires, perhaps it has something to do with the era i was born into?

      Can you honestly tell me that you have never picked up that Twilight book, and just sneaked a look inside? Well this guy did http://www.twilightguy.com/2008/04/18/reading-twilight-chapter-1-first-sight/. Kaleb Nation, if you haven’t heard of him…is an average run of the mill guy, whom concequently decided to read the twilght book series one day and blog about it. Now oviously this has done him very well or it wouldn’t have been featured in… BusinessWeek and Entertainment Weeklymagazines, as well as on MTV, ReelzChannel and other TV outlets. Kaleb also began posting regular videos on his Youtube channel (and its companion channel in late 2009), with over 22 million plays. (http://www.kalebnation.com/kaleb-nation-bio/).

     So this is only a snippet of the information and digestion you can take part of in my blog entitled “Sprinkle Some Glitter On It!?…witch consequently is a twilight joke if your not oblivious too it ;[. For more blogs about books, fan sites, and serious obsession make sure too come back and I promise it will be even juicier next time :).

….Can you sprinkle some glitter on that?


Another obsessed fan! :[

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  1. on January 5, 2011 at 11:10 amrachealswing Said:

    Good Luck with this topic girl.. you are braver than me.

  2. on January 5, 2011 at 11:12 amavadakadaveravampires Said:

    Thank you racheal. Your very brave as well.
    I hope you like my next post I promise to make it interesting. And if you have time go check out Caleb Nation…He is a beast.
    -SAM :[

  3. on January 5, 2011 at 9:49 pmWill Dunlap Said:

    Keep in mind that “your” is possessive and “you’re” means “you are”. Similarly with “witch” and “which”, and “too” and “to”. Ms. Stewart will count off a lot of points if you mix those up.

    I find your post interesting but you’ll need to clean it up a lot as far as grammar and usage else you’ll alienate your readers- including Ms. Stewart.

  4. on January 6, 2011 at 3:36 pmBeth Stewart Said:

    Perhaps I should just copy Will’s comment. He gave great constructive feedback. I like that you have made some stylistic and audience appropriate endeavors by maintaining a more conversational tone, but you still need to have proper grammar, so you don’t undercut your ethos. Also, I’m still not really sure about you blog’s direction. Is it vampires or all things weird? 80. (minus some for grammatical errors, run-ons, and style blunders)

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